Business expands its support for Southern Africa’s construction and multi-technical services

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, 24 June 2024 -/African Media Agency (AMA)/- With South Africa on the cusp of accelerated growth and development, BUTEC, a leading specialist contracting group, has affirmed its intentions to be a major player in the country by strengthening existing synergies between the parent company, and its subsidiaries, and fully rebranding the local companies it acquired in 2022. With business units focused on Engineering and Contracting, Electro-mechanical Solutions, Facility Services and Utility Services, BUTEC brings a diverse and robust skills set to the local construction and multi-technical services sectors.

Following the integration and rebranding of its South African acquisitions of Thermaire Investments and Ampair, BUTEC’s commitment to fostering sustainable development and innovation in South Africa will draw on local resources and create employment, in addition to the 400-strong workforce it already employs locally.

Established more than 60 years ago, BUTEC already operates in more than 21 countries across the Middle East and Africa, with its headquarters in Dubai and Beirut. Its recent acquisitions mean that it is now able to offer its services in Botswana, Mozambique, eSwatini and Zambia too.

“We are inspired by the potential that South Africa and its Southern African neighbours offer, and by the talent of the local building industry and allied services leaders,” said Fady Abou Jaoude, Director of BUTEC. “As one of Africa’s largest electro-mechanical contractors, facility management and service providers, we are looking forward to creating shared value with key economic role-players so that we can accelerate the region’s growth together, create jobs, and contribute towards the region’s prosperity.”

As part of its expansion and rebrand, the Group has renamed Thermaire Investments, an electro-mechanical solutions provider, under the brand IES, to BUTEC, and Ampair, a facility management and maintenance services provider, to BUTEC Services. The DUCTSHOP brand remains, continuing its focus on high quality metal and PAL ducting manufacturing and expanding to specialised steel products at its Johannesburg facility.

“While BUTEC now employs more than 7,500 skilled team members, we remain focused on finding new talent and developing skills in every country we operate,” said Abou Jaoude. “Our in-house NQF-accredited skills development centre, BUTEC Academy, with its full-time training team, based in Johannesburg, offers a range of courses and qualifications, bringing a new cohort of well-trained and qualified artisans to the industry each year.”

In November 2022, BUTEC launched the Employee Share Trust, dedicated to supporting black female employees. This initiative complements BUTEC’s ongoing commitment to South Africa’s national key priorities. BUTEC, since 2022, has also invested R7 million in youth employment services programs, creating over 154 job opportunities. Moreover, BUTEC’s empowerment initiatives have achieved significant milestones, with the business achieving a B-BBEE level 2 (for BUTEC Pty Ltd) and B-BBEE level 1 (for BUTEC Services Pty Ltd). These efforts highlight BUTEC’s dedication to fostering inclusive growth and development across its operations.

“We are inspired by the potential that Southern Africa offers, and we’re looking forward to investing in the country and being a part of building its future with our partners,” Abou Jaoude said.

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Headquartered in Beirut and Dubai, BUTEC is a privately held group active in Construction, Engineering and Services, with an entrepreneurial shareholding base complemented by the IFC (World Bank Group) and the management. Since its establishment in 1964, the BUTEC Group has been a regional leader, notably in the environment, water, energy, oil and gas and industrial construction sectors in the Middle East and Africa, deploying more than 7,500 employees in more than 21 countries, with a track record of major projects.

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