Obofour Names Pastor He Respects Most in Ghana: ‘I Become Soft When I Hear His Voice’

Renowned Ghanaian pastor, Reverend Obofour, has revealed the pastor he holds in the highest regard during a TikTok live session that has since gone viral.

During the live session, Obofour shared his thoughts on his financial blessings and strategic wisdom.

« If you say God has blessed people with money, I am one of them. At first, I could travel for two weeks, now I can travel for months, » he said. « I am a very smart guy. When your enemies are always near, that is where you surrender; know where to surrender. I am a good mafia. »

The founder and leader of APC church, Rev. Obofour
The founder and leader of APC church, Rev. Obofour

He also dismissed claims that anyone could demote him from his position.

« No one can. The fact that we have allowed you into our space means there’s no one who is genuine. You can ask. »

Obofour then named the religious figures he deeply respects. « There are a few pastors that I respect a lot, the Archbishops. One person that I treasure most when I hear about him, I soften, is Rev. Eastwood Anaba, » he revealed.

Rev Eastwood Anaba
Rev Eastwood Anaba

He also expressed admiration for another pastor, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, after whom he named his son despite not having met him before. « I like his character. »

The viral TikTok live showcased Obofour’s reverence for these religious leaders and offered insight into the personalities he admires most in the Ghanaian religious community.