Contender in the last NPP Parliamentary primary in Kumawu, Dr Aboagye Dacosta, has congratulated Ernest Yaw Anim for the victory chalked in the Kumawu by-election.

The NPP candidate polled 15,264 votes, representing 70.91 percent, to restore the party’s dominance in the constituency.

Dr. Dacosta who was instrumental in the campaign of the party’s candidate had predicted such victory in an earlier interview.

“I expect over seventy percent of votes for the NPP. The fact is that it will be a massive victory,” he predicted before the election.

Kumawu MP-elect receives support from major contender in NPP primary

In the 2020 parliamentary election, the deceased MP, Philip Basoah, polled 14,960 votes and was closely matched by Independent Candidate, Kwaku Duah, who had 11,698 representing 39 percent votes.

The NPP prior to the 2020 elections was divided into two factions, with one of the factions openly declaring support and campaigning for the independent candidate, Kwaku Duah.

Dr. Dacosta observed the unity that has prevailed in the NPP necessitated the increase in the party’s votes in the Kumawu bye-election.

“The independent candidate benefited from the divisions in the party. For now, the party is united so let us not give prominence to the independent candidate,” he added.

Dr. Dacosta has further pledged support for the MP-elect in discharging his mandate