Praying and pouring libation for the smooth administration of acting president

The acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council, Nana Aziaku IV, has conferred with the Paramount Chief of the Essikado Traditional Area and that of Lower Dixcove, Nana Kobina Nketsiah V, and Nana Kwesi Agyemang respectively.

The meeting with the two paramount chiefs follows the confirmation of Nana Aziaku IV as acting President of Ahanta Traditional Council, following the demise of the Overlord of Ahanta, Otumfour Baidoo Bonsoe XV.

Nana Aziaku IV was the Tufuhene of the Council and Divisional Chief of Agona until his confirmation as acting President of the Ahanta Traditional Council.

Nana Aziaku, by his confirmation, would lead the Ahanta Traditional Council as customary and statutory leader until a new Paramount Chief is enstooled.

Following his successful confirmation as acting President, Nana Aziaku was introduced to the Paramount Chief of Essikado and that of Lower Dixcove at separate meetings.

At a meeting to introduce him to Nana Kobina Nketsiah V last Friday, the delegation was formed of Nana Ngya Toku IV, Chief of Damtse, Nana Nzafram IV, Divisional Chief of Himakrom, Nana Egya Kwamina IX, Divisional chief of Apremdo, Ebusuapayin Bolokwaw, head of the Royal Ahanta Family and Emmanuel Afful.

The rest are Nana Egyea Butsia X, Chief of Butre, Nana Akisi Apentsin, Queenmother of Egyambra and the Lindquist of the Chief of Butre.

Chiefs at the meeting

At the meeting, Nana Kobina Nketsiah, who welcome the new acting President, advised him to make sure there was unity, understanding, and peace in Ahanta.

He said considering that the misunderstanding that had ensued over who was to be the acting President was a sign of each attempting to enrich the culture and custom of Ahanta, there was the need for everyone to be brought on board for the development of Ahanta.

That, notwithstanding, the new acting President would need advice from the two gates despite the fact that he was the Tufuhene.

He said considering what had happened recently, if acting President Nana Aziaku failed to heed his advice, the House would be divided.

The eminent Essikado Paramount Chief told Nana Aziaku: “Tufuhene is not a small traditional position. You are feared when you are called Tufuhene,” and admonished him to bring the factions together.

Nana Kobina Nketsiah, who wished the acting President well in the new traditional position, reminded him to bring on board the children and family of the late Overlord of Ahanta.

Responding, Nana Aziaku promised to work to unify the House, also to bring everyone on board.

He conceded that given the recent misunderstanding over who was to be the acting President, if he failed to bring everyone on board, the House might be divided.

“If at a point we will have to come and seek counsel from you, we will not hesitate to do so,” he told Nana Kobina Nketsiah.

Meanwhile, the acting President has, at a meeting on Tuesday, disbanded the Standing Committee of the House, after their two year tenure in office came to an end, and is yet to appoint new members to serve on it.

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