Transparency is key to solving Africa's corruption problem - Former US Vice President

Former US Vice President Al Gore has highlighted the pivotal role of transparency in the fight against corruption in Africa.

Speaking in an interview, the environmentalist advocated for increased transparency as the most effective strategy to curb corruption in Africa.

Quoting the age-old adage, he stated, “The sun is the best disinfectant,” emphasising the importance of making sure citizens are in the know of everything to prevent public officers from engaging in shady activities.

“When the people can see what is going on then those who are tempted to be corrupt are scared to continue their nefarious activities,” he said in the interview with TV3.

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The former Vice President’s remarks come at a critical juncture when many African nations are grappling with corruption-related challenges that hinder sustainable development and erode public trust.

Renowned for his dedication to environmental causes, Mr Gore also believed that the production of fossil fuel also facilitates the breed of corruption in a country.

Citing Nigeria, the former Vice President said, “86 percent of the balance of payment with the rest of the world economy comes from fossil fuel, however, 0.6 percent of the employment that gives income to the people is related to fossil fuel.

“So it drives an inequality that becomes hyper-inequality that feeds corruption.”

In view of this, Mr Gore believed “getting away from this dependence on dirty and poisonous fossil fuel is one of the ways to fight corruption.”